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Do Good Thursday

The Clazel opens its doors to non-profit and community groups every Thurday to host social events and fund raisers. Each group will have full access to all the resources at the Clazel including:

  • Clazel event coordinator and event support staff
  • Cash bar
  • Grazing stations
  • HD-Blu Ray projection system
  • Full size move screen
  • Sound system
  • Full size Stage
  • Grand Piano
  • Dance floor

  • Event highlighted on Clazel web page and facebook
  • Event on highlighted on outside marquee to promote the event
  • e-mail marketing
  • Event featured on Clazel's 4 in-house TVs prior to event

Do Good Thursday events are completely customizable to meet each groups needs with optional services such as live entertainment, DJ, catering and alike.

These types of events generally require a substantial financial commitment by groups looking to host an event, depleting their much needed resources and affecting their ability to complete their mission. By providing the Clazel we not only eliminate the financial requirement from the groups, but also greatly reduce the cost of attendance.  We hope that providing these resources and support, these groups will be able to generate the revenue and recognition they need to continue to support the community.

Host a Do Good Thursay at The Clazel

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